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FTP's mission statement is to feed & house the poor. Further, we bring awareness to environmental concerns. Current list of activities include feeding the homeless. Second, we bring awareness of environmental concerns with encyclopedia content. We are seeking volunteers to help write important articles about environmental changes. FTP = for the people, feed the poor, and feel the planet.

Many experts believe by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Click here to find out how you can help!
Population growth is the worlds biggest threat.
Help save the animals. Tell everyone you know about the human caused sixth mass extinction.

Laugh for charity

What if 1/3 of all people died?
Amphibians are becoming extinct about 10,000 times faster than normal background rate.
In other words, we're in the sixth mass extinction
Scientist estimate 1/3 of all amphibians have become extinct
We’ve lost ⅓ of all frog species.
That’s a lot of Princes.
Soon, Princesses won’t have anyone left to kiss.

A water crisis is present.

Protect the Ocean
with a magic wand

Stop buying plastic
Plastic is getting
into the food supply
Please use reusables
or paper cartons


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