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    Plastic bottles are quickly destroying ocean life. The most eco-friendly container for water is a reusable one. However, if you must buy a throw away container use "water in a box, " which is the most eco-friendly provided the paper was sourced properly.  Recently, 1/3 species of frogs have died. How would you feel if 1/3 of your in-laws died. Probably the same way you feel about the frogs.  They say having children is the most selfless act. I'd say it's the most selfish thing since it looks just like you. Adopt someone that looks just like you. 


    I am Earth Man. I derive all my powers from the Earth Itself. My kryptonite? Plastic. And the stuff is everywhere. What’s the second thing that goes into a baby’s mouth, after breastfeeding? A bubbie. A passy. A plastic pacifier. Because how could that cause any problems? Let the newborn’s system suck down a few plastic molecules, maybe it will make her waterproof! Seriously, what is wrong with you people? Have you seen the oceans? It’s like watching a liquid garbage dump. Oh, that’s so beautiful, how the dolphins are weaving in and out of the two-liter soda bottles!  And cleaning plastic out of the ocean? It’s basically the head lice of the world’s water system. How do you even do it? Do you say, “Here, baggie baggie, float to Daddy! Yes, you used to be a kid’s bouncy ball, but now you’re getting sucked up and shot out of whale blow-holes.” Ah, this job sucks. I knew I should have become MarsMan. So it’s 900,000 degrees there? I like the heat.